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A Few Safety Tips for the Elderly

A Few Safety Tips for the Elderly

One of the most common causes of injuries in the elderly is because of falling or slipping. Most injuries that may be experienced by the elderly are preventable if steps to improve the safety conditions in their homes are taken. At Lover Henderson’s Private Home Care, our home health aides have the training and expertise to assess the home for any safety hazards that may be present and correct them.

To promote health and wellbeing here are a few safety tips that can make the home a safer place for your elderly loved ones:

  • Monitor the food regularly.
    Eating food that may have passed its expiration date can have more severe effects on the elderly. This is because the body’s resistance and immunity get weaker naturally as we age. It is important that you check for expired food regularly. Most home care providers like our home care assistance in Georgia include meal preparation services; the caregiver will always make sure that food is prepared fresh and safe.
  • Keep the floors clear of any clutter.
    An easy way to prevent falls is to keep the floors clear of any clutter. When the floors are clear of clutter it makes it easier for your elderly loved ones to move around without having to go around obstacles. A lot of home care services provide light housekeeping services or homemaking care services that can keep the home clean, safe, and well-organized.
  • Check and maintain the home safety equipment regularly.
    This tip is very important in assuring home safety. If you have installed any grab rails or handrails, check to see if they remain secure regularly. Also, it is important that you check and replace the batteries of any smoke or fire detectors regularly.

With the tips mentioned above, you can definitely make the home a safer place for your elderly loved ones. We provide home care in Fayetteville, Georgia if you are in need of someone to provide care services and help make the home a safer place.

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