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Want to know what our clients think about our home care services? Read on below to know their feedback.

It is a daunting task trying to find quality care for an elderly loved one what with the rising costs of nursing homes and the horror stories of elder abuse in them, so finding Nekolia was truly a blessing. What you will find in Lover Henderson’s Private Home Care is just that: private, in-home, and love. Your loved ones will get one-on-one attention in the surroundings that they are used to, and Nekolia goes above an beyond just tending to basic needs. She treats her clients with all the patience and respect so lacking in others while tending to them with the quality of care they deserve. Lover Henderson’s Private Home Care is much more than a service. It’s piece of mind knowing that you’re not just another client; you’re family.
~Sara Perlman~
This company has taught me the true meaning of love and details when it comes to providing care for clients. Lover Henderson’s Private Home Care provides an outstanding example on how a home care should operate. I am very grateful to have been a part of this company and would recommend Lover Henderson’s Private Home Care to anyone that’s looking for proper care, safety, security, and most of all the patience and love given to your loved ones
~Kia Garrett~
I can say with confidence that the care my mother received could not have been topped. I am a single mother, and I needed to know that my precious mother was in good hands as I juggled my responsibilities. I am eternally grateful to Nekolia Isaac for the peace of mind I had knowing that my mother was loved and nurtured during those times I could not be with her.
~Kamina Pinder~
You have to have a passion when you’re in this industry and Nikki and the staff are excellent with our love ones that need that extra love and care. We need more services like this one where you can feel comfortable and assured that your love ones are being treated with love outside of their families.
~Brian A. Wynder~
Warm, thoughtful, caring, and very business-minded. It’s hard to find good people to take care of your family when you live out of town. Thanks so much for being what my family needs.
~Tongeia Farmer~
She’s the best caregiver ever!! They take the clients on different outings, and treats them with so much love! You can not go wrong with, Lover Henderson’s Private Home Care!!!
~Kamesha SoBlessed Shropshire~
Finding care for a loved one can be very difficult. You basically putting their life in The hands of a stranger but here they never felt like strangers. Thank you for being great!
~Desiree Lovin’Me Galloway~
Great staff love your family as if they were their own family members. Really takes good care of the clients.
~Tracy Ford Shropshire~