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Things to Know When Caring for A Loved One Who Suffered From Stroke

Things to Know When Caring for A Loved One Who Suffered From Stroke

Many different conditions can develop after someone has suffered a stroke. These conditions can affect a stroke victim physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Taking care of a loved one who suffered from stroke is a big responsibility, here are a few things to know regarding post-stroke care.

  • Keep a record of the progress.

    Keeping track of the progress of your loved one post-stroke is a very good way to track their rate of rehabilitation, and to spot areas where improvements can be made during the rehabilitation progress. Keep track of functional improvements in communication, mobility, and living skills. A progress record will also help the doctor provide a more accurate assessment during their doctor’s meeting.

  • Work closely with doctors or nurses to prevent another stroke.

    Stroke victims have an increased risk from suffering a recurrent stroke within 5 years of a first stroke. Working closely with doctors or nurses to make healthy changes in the stroke victim’s lifestyle to prevent another stroke from happening.

  • Learn the signs of transient ischemic attack (TIA).

    TIA is regarded as a mini-stroke and does not cause any permanent damage, but it should never be ignored. A transient ischemic attack serves as a warning that a full-blown stroke may be on its way. Learn the signs, and if any of the signs happen, see a doctor immediately.

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